Being Ernest.

Born in 1979, Ernest Vincent Wood III grew in mind, stature, and spirit and loved many a created thing.  He attended Wichita State University with a general art emphasis until an instructor, who recognized his affinity for light, encouraged oil painting.  He finished his BFA in painting in 2006. 

That following Summer, with assistance from the Kansas Cultural Trust, he attended The International School for Drawing, Painting, and Sculpture in Umbria, Italy.  Once there, fate would bring him into contact with Irish painter Ted Jones and his gallery representative from Killarney, Ireland.  A friendship developed, which led to the first painting sold of Ernest's work on Irish soil in 2007. Yearly shows followed in 2008 and 2009. 

Having relegated painting to a hobby in the years following, he has finally thrown caution to the wind and stepped out in faith painting for his family's bread, and for his cat's tiny toy mice which always seem to get lost.

 Artist Statement

My representational oil paintings are about capturing light's elusive nature and achieving, in the words of Winckelmann, “noble simplicity and quiet grandeur.” Every painting utilizes varied techniques prized by oil painters throughout history from indirect painting methods to alla prima. Almost tactile in nature, each divinely inspired narrative or still life is marked by dynamic contrast through intense value shifts and slight color exaggeration which allows the viewer a glimpse of an idyllic sensory experience.