June 2016

The beautiful is as useful as the useful. More so perhaps...
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The Weight of Oil Painting

Hello friends, new and old,
Does this email feel heavier to you? That's probably because it was just served to the most subscribers ever! This month's additions dwarf the months previous! The family just keeps growing and I'm grateful for you and the time you take to read each one.

The Wood clan is at it again; this weekend we'll be in Omaha, NE. The Summer Arts Festival is June 10-12 and it looks to be quite summery if the weather diviners have their say. Never fear, I'll be serving up ice cold oil paintings sure to quench your thirst for traditional beauty. (<---- possibly the worst sentence I've crafted in a newsletter ever.)

If you know of anyone in the area who would appreciate my paintings please send them a line. I think we are all similar in that recommendations from friends are about the most meaningful suggestions we receive.

New work!

I have paintings! 9 new works! You can see them before they hit the gallery walls. Visit evwiii.com! Here's a little sneak peek of one of my favorites. If you're interested in one of them (or five of them) simply reply back to this email.

Where's the IV?

Ernest IV is finished manning the booth. It was short lived and I should have seen it coming. He's on to bigger and more important things now that he can crawl. One moment he was on the rug in the booth, the next moment he was gone murmuring some unintelligible babble that I won't repeat here.

In all seriousness, the lad can move now and as much as it is exciting to watch and cheer on, it's also the first of about a million times I'll watch him grow, mature and leave dear old dad behind. I say that with the greatest joy and sadness that's wonderfully mixed in our brief time together.

I'm treasuring each moment.

Big Thanks to Brookside in KC!

Life under the big tent was pretty good even with the rain. The community came out in support of the artists. I'm so grateful. We had a great show and stayed with some of our favorite people.

What do you do when you paint?

Well... paint. Okay, that's not exactly all. I listen to music, but largely I try to fill up my mind with good things. I enjoy listening to New York preacher Timothy Keller of Redeemer Presbyterian Church. He has a very unique way of pointing all scripture to the central figure of Christ. Here's the free sermon resource I use!

Another person I've enjoyed listening to recently is Roger Scruton. He's a philosopher who's written about many topics but I particularly like his work on the importance of beauty.
Why Beauty Matters (Por que a beleza importa?) Roger Scruton
Well said, Roger... well said.
God bless, Farewell friends,
Ernest Vincent Wood III

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