August 2016

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The Month That Was Michigan

Greetings friends old and new,
As always, thanks for reading...

I put some mileage on the old golden Odyssey with two separate return trips to the North!

On the first trip I had my beloved along and it was MUCH MORE enjoyable. The weather was perfect, and we enjoyed the show in St. Joseph right along lake Michigan. We stayed at Eden Springs Campground, which had a tiny train and old-timey baseball. Not that I was able to participate, I most regrettably missed the open window for train riding and baseball watching while in the art booth. My wife snapped these photos. That's one tiny train.
Our good friend Tyler Voorhees was in St. Joseph too and I really love his art. See his great works regarding the jobs of yesteryear here!

And check out the view from the bluff as the sun dipped into the lake.
Not bad God, not bad.
The second show was in Ann Arbor. I drove it, alone. :( It was a long drive. The show was four long, eleven-hour days and blisteringly hot (unfortunately it wasn't in Wichita, as you will read later, or the heat may have been remedied). One saving grace of this trip was meeting booth neighbor Loren Burkey whose sculpture is phenomenal. His use of disparate materials and textures, values, and patinas complemented well on each piece.

The other saving grace and gift from God was the Ongaro family who kindly gave me a home away from home on this long solo trip. I wouldn't have made it without them. Thank you!

Pure, Pure Michigan

Thank you Michigan! Here are some highlights from each show. Aileen, if you're reading this, sorry I forgot to get a picture!

Ernest's Up

He can stand without bracing. He has yet to go anywhere with this new found ability. As much as I want him to begin walking, I know it's a whole new world--child as biped. I am trying to enjoy these moments!

As a Wichita, KS native, Ernest IV is also learning the Summer clothing customs of his people. Are you male? In Kansas? In Wichita? In the Summer? Outside? Is it warmer than 80 degrees?


There is a high of 96 today. You know what that means. Men, the next time you visit Wichita, remember this helpful saying to avoid the embarrassment of wearing a shirt, "Hotter than eighty? Shirts are too weighty." Or similarly, "Heat in excess? Time to undress."

For the Painters

There are quite of few of you who are fellow painters. This section is for you! Warning: If you proceed as a non-painter you may wish you could have these two minutes of your life back. As a non-painter here are some suggestions for the use of your time:

1. 20 push ups
2. Call a friend or relative and tell them how much they mean to you
3. Turn your phone/computer off and then back on (a good reset never hurt anyone)
4. Look into your eyes in the mirror and contemplate your existence
5. Face your fears (briefly)

I just completed a new still life "Repast." Each painting has some new method or application. In one sense, I'm always dabbling. This time I broke a long standing rule and put Ivory Black on my palette! Generally, I make my darkest dark (black) from Ultramarine Blue and Burnt Sienna. Which is handy because you can shift it to make a warmer dark or a cooler dark. I thought Ivory Black would muddy my color but it mixed with my traditional palette well. The overall effect produced a muted look while maintaining the richness of the oil color. There is good reason to avoid the use of black on the palette because the tendency is to see a dark and think, "it needs black," whereas it can be achieved with Alizarin Crimson or Ultramarine or Burnt Sienna or a mixture of those. Often I use too much color in an attempt to avoid both Titanium White and Ivory Black. This exercise helped me see that at times there is very little color, simply value, and it's okay to use a neutral gray! (mixed with other colors too) :)

Have a burning question? Want to ask it? Simply reply to this email and I'll get back to you.

It's time to say goodbye, thanks for reading! God bless, Farewell friends,
Ernest Vincent Wood III
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