Sept 2017

“Beauty is an ultimate value—something that we pursue for its own sake, and for the pursuit of which no further reason need be given. Beauty should therefore be compared to truth and goodness, one member of a trio of ultimate values which justify our rational inclinations.” ~ Sir Roger Scruton
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We have a girl!

Biggest news is we now have a month old daughter! Miriam or Mira for short! She's doing really well, probably better than us. Two adults available at your every whim, someone to rock you to sleep each night, (insert toilet humor here), eight meals a day... I suppose it's what we all miss deep in the recesses of memory. From the outset life promised us such pampering, then came waves of reality communicating we weren't the center of the universe. But for now, enjoy it my child! Here she is...

Gearing up

I'll be back on the road this weekend. First stop Indianapolis! If you'd like to see my schedule just scroll down to the bottom of this newsletter. It's looking to be 5 shows over the course of 6 weekends. Am I prepared? Not in the slightest.

A big one

I love working larger. There is something that happens when a painting becomes 16"x20" or larger. It moves beyond the size of what we normally see on a wall or mantle. It becomes its own object. It commands attention and nods to the masterpieces of old most of which are massive. There are many reasons why I paint. One of those "concept triggers" is epiphany concerning unity in the created order. It's as though God says, "See what I did there?" "Did you not know?" I am overtaken with wonder, awe in those revelations of interconnectedness. "Floccule" as the title suggests, is about the woolen, the downy. From the dyed woolen textile base, to the sheep skin, to the linen garment, to the cotton, to the willow, and lastly to the skin with its tiny hair follicles coating us in well, fuzz, it all flows together.

The Big Bro

"Ernest hold her" he says. And for about 1.5 seconds he does. Then he pushes her away as though discarding a toy. I snapped this photo fast! He's still figuring it out.
Cheers, and thanks for reading,
Ernest Vincent Wood III
A bit of history. Here is a piece I made during my college days when I was just setting out. I cleaned an office at night and would bring my paints and do a little homework. Two points for anyone who can name the artist's work who inspired me during this time.
Penrod Arts Fair
Indianapolis, IA
Sept. 9

Autumn and Art
Wichita, KS
Sept. 15-17

Plaza Art Fair
Sept. 22-24

St James Court Art Show
Louisville, KY
Oct. 6-8