April 2017

The beautiful is as useful as the useful. More so perhaps...
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It's a girl

It's true. It's a girl! Fuzzy black and white sonogram pictures never lie. Congratulations to all you who picked girl. You knew it. New dynamics in the Wood household are coming. I'm pretty excited to have that unique Daddy-daughter bond. Count with us, as the days speed away toward the due date in August. We're pretty close to having her name picked out. Do you have a good one we should consider?

Back to Texas

We'll be participating in the Cottonwood Art Festival in Richardson, TX, May 6-7. Come on out! And speaking of Texas...

Houston, you've done it again...

We had an amazing show at Bayou City Memorial Park. We are beyond blessed and thankful. Did I mention I received "Best in show?" Awww shucks Houston!

The cottage is sold!

We closed a week ago Friday! The Wichita housing market is red hot right now. How hot you ask? Two-days-seven-offers-contract-over-asking-price-hot. Which is, of course, great for sellers, not so good for buyers, and well, we were both. All things considered, it's been great. Our realtor is also our old landlord, who happened to have a duplex available for a six week interim because we do have a contract on another home! Two moves is not ideal... but all in all, it's gone really well. Thanks for your prayers! Farewell beloved home!

Did I paint?

Somehow between prepping the house for sale, packing, moving and so on... yes. I completed a couple commission works and some new originals. I'm rather fond of this commissioned german chocolate cake! Check the website for the new work! Make sure to call dibs on the one you want before it's gone. You'll want to snag the bologna piece. You saw that right.

Mixed emotions

Here's Ernest IV displaying an interesting mix of terror and fascination. I call it: "feartrigue." Yes, that is a hospital band. God bless the little tyke; he had to undergo some chest x-rays for a months long bronchial tube inflammation. Now it's on to Children's Mercy and the Pulminologist. For all this, he's just as happy and energetic as can be.

Calling all Wichitans!

I'll be showing at the Wichita Art Museum for the Art and Book Fair Mother's day weekend. See you there!
Cheers, and thanks for reading,
Ernest Vincent Wood III
I was asked to intrepret Revelation 19. Impossible to do but nevertheless here is my humble take on the Lord's triumphal return. To see a depiction of a narrative from Jeremiah 38 visit my facebook page above! (the blue F for those of you who just woke up from cyrogenic sleep).
Cottonwood Art Festival
Richardson, TX
May 6-7

Art and Book Fair
Wichita, KS
May 13-14

Prairie Village Art Fair
Prairie Village, KS
June 2-4

Smoky Hill River Festival
Salina, KS
June 9-11

Des Moines Art Festival
Des Moines, IA
June 23-25
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