May 2017

The beautiful is as useful as the useful. More so perhaps...
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Relief... kind of

All moves complete. (sigh) Is this our forever house? I hope so. Moving a family and a workplace is exhausting. (Twice) I'm so grateful to have tremendous support from family and friends without which it would have been impossible. Many thanks to those of you who helped. We can begin to settle if settling means five art fairs in the next eight weeks. Am I coming to your town/region? Check out the list on the bottom of the page! I will be in Kansas City at Prairie Village THIS WEEKEND! KC Friends, I hope to see you there!

Sweet, sweet Northern exposure

As a painter, a studio with a North facing window is prized. This was a requirement as we were looking for a house. Why so? Simply, you receive good consistent indirect sunlight during daylight hours (For those of us in the Northern hemisphere). Direct sunlight never falls inside the room which can drastically alter the light inside. This is critical avoid as I attempt to match values and color with accuracy. While I haven't properly broken in the new home studio yet, it was glorious to work in it today even if it was just on the computer. Mind you, I've been working in a dim basement for over a year. Natural light is good. All the light bulbs in the world cannot compare to God's glorious orb in its track across the heavens (as long as it doesn't enter the room directly while I'm painting).

Displaying paintings

Two pieces went to the same home this month. Here is how the collector decided to display them. I'll hang next to Millet any day! As an aside, I love the gleaners.

Let's talk about light again. You'll notice that the light direction in the room is the same direction as in the paintings. In this case, it's all coming from the left hand side. They've made the most of my work and created the most harmony in the room by this simple decision.

Painting somehow

Check the website for the new work! Back to the bricks. I enjoyed the first painting of bricks so much and it was so well received, that I had to revisit it to see what happened. What did I do right? Was it just artist intuition? I want to learn. This time it was about weight, gravity. I aimed to make the piece feel heavy by leaving nearly half the the picture plane empty above the bricks.

Danger boy

Perhaps Vin Diesel needs a stunt double who can leap from the bottom step, or climb anything around two feet tall, or tumble down a small hill, or put things in his nose like sticks or bacon bits. As a Dad, it is interesting striking a balance between letting Ernest IV figure it out, and protecting him from harm. There's a good deal of grace involved. Wish me luck. Here's some questionable parenting in process.

Cheers, and thanks for reading,
Ernest Vincent Wood III
The newsletter family keeps growing. Thank you for taking the time to keep in touch. So much demands our attention these days. I'm honored you read this. Here's a sneak peak at an upcoming piece...
Prairie Village Art Fair
Prairie Village, KS
June 2-4

Smoky Hill River Festival
Salina, KS
June 9-11

Des Moines Art Festival
Des Moines, IA
June 23-25

Krasl Art Fair on the Bluff
St. Joseph, MI
July 8-9

Central PA Festival of the Arts
State College, PA
July 13-16
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