August 2017

Beauty is the goodness of God made known to the senses. ~D. Willard
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My show "Ancora Imparo" opens today, August 5th! The reception will be held from 5p-7p and it will include a brief artist talk. It's all taking place in The Sandzen Gallery in Lindsborg, KS (little Sweden hence my salutation). There you can see a painting of mine from 1997. It's brutal. It's so bad, I didn't even think it was mine when asked if it was. We all start somewhere... Please be in attendance if possible!

You win some you lose some.

A reality of art festivals, and to a greater extent art as a living, is the changing nature of it. This year for example, in March, I was best of show and sold a tremendous amount of work. A couple of weeks ago, I took a loss for an extended trip. I didn't even make back my expenses. There is affirmation, and discouragement. I am reminded of the words of Job, "Shall we indeed accept good from God and not accept adversity?” Struggle, I think we can agree, is not always fruitless, in fact, it produces growth if we allow ourselves to be refined by it. I've asked myself many valuable questions in this season. It tempers my resolve in a way that ease never will. It is not without purpose. Nothing is.

Family growth

It's baby time. We're going in for a scheduled birth August 7 (unless she decides earlier is better). Expect some baby pictures next month. If you can't wait until then... Keep close contact via Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

One piece

When you make an 11 day art trip and then come home to prepare for your child's coming, and frame a bunch of older works for an exhibition, you finish one piece for the month. Here it is. It's already spoken for, but I wanted to share something so you didn't think I was a complete sluggard.

Bibs and bigger things

Ernest IV is talking quite a bit. It's enjoyable trying to figure out what he's saying. Sentences are beginning to emerge. We visited City Arts for the opening of Bibs and Forks, where one of my pieces was selected for this "food invitational." Hear all about it from Curt Clonts on NPR. Also, having need of his crib for our coming daughter, we graduated Ernest IV to a big boy bed. He thinks there are whales on his sheets. How cute. Even with a railing he's fallen out once. Not bad. Thanks Poppy for the gift!
Cheers, and thanks for reading,
Ernest Vincent Wood III
Commission season is nearing! If we've talked about the possibility of a commission portrait or painting now is the time to secure your spot for 2017. Follow this link to sign up!
Penrod Arts Fair
Indianapolis, IA
Sept. 9

Autumn and Art
Wichita, KS
Sept. 15-17

Plaza Art Fair
Sept. 22-24

St James Court Art Show
Louisville, KY
Oct. 6-8

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