October 2017

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The End

All exhibitions are finished for 2017 and they went out with a bang! Thank you to all the new and returning collectors, so many the layout app gave up at nine. Thank you all. I hope and pray your new acquistions bring much joy, beauty and inspiration to your spaces, home or otherwise! I'm honored!

The Zorn Palette

During my show in Louisville I attempted a little painting. I had seen some paintings by Jennifer Marie that made me ache for painting beauty. After a bit more research, I was led to the Zorn palette. Attributed to Anders Zorn, this limited palette consists of flake white, yellow ochre, red (vermilion or cad medium or light), and ivory black. Having painted with a limited palette for all my career, I understood it in theory. I can say, it did not disappoint. In my workshops I teach about the phenomenon called simultaneous contrast, in short, the optical tendencies colors have within/beside other colors. In the case of the Zorn palette your neutral grays become blue because they are surrounded by warmer colors (red and yellow) allowing for some surprising versatility.

There is more subtly here but as you can see on my palette I was able to make a nice range of colors from seemingly so little. Greens, blues, violets as well as the colors you'd assume possible. Limited palettes are valuable because you have to mix your color, and if you have to mix your color you have to understand your color. You "see" through the palette and the painting has more unity as each color contains in varying mixtures each of the tube colors on the palette.

(Painting lecture over)

Play by Play

"Daddy, all done working, art show." "Daddy, no more art shows." Ernest IV is vocally excited in his own way that I'm back. Life is a constant narrative of his thoughts some of which are very amusing. He's growing more obstinate and whiny. He is two. I knew these days were coming. Lord help me. He is the small picture of my own rebellion. Mira is now smiling and cooing and wearing awesome boots (Thanks Karen!). She has yet to give us a full night's sleep but I think it's on the horizon. I hope it so. I'm tired of being tired. I wouldn't trade it for anything however. It's all very sweet and I'm grateful to be home. Here's our recent outing to the zoo. (minus the animals, who cares about animals when there is a playground)
Thank you for reading,
God bless,
Ernest Vincent Wood III

Starting commissions!

If we've spoken in part about a commission, now is the time to really sure up our plans. Time is very limited. Simply reply to this email and we'll iron out all the particulars. Thank you.
"Tall Tea" is looking so good. Thanks for sharing the picture Joelle.

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