October 2018

Super Update

Two months is too long

Let's be honest.  Life is fraught with serendipitous discoveries and unforeseen setbacks.  Sometimes you find you have the precise-ratio-already-prepared-Masonite panel that has been sitting in your studio for years and it's going to be perfect for your new loaf of bread painting.  It is measured quickly and the frame is cut.  Then you find out that what you thought was a rectangle is a subtly deceptive right trapezoid (bad cutting on my part ages ago. Hey, 25 inches by 9.25 or 9.75 inches isn't bad).  Enter the grinder.


A quick buzz cut later and a beautiful painting is cleaned and varnished and one of my favorite paintings I've ever made.  Take a look at the crust! 

Just remember, I was grinding paintings before Banksy was shredding 1.3 million dollar artworks.

On the cover of Splurge!


It may not be The Rolling Stone, but for a Wichita oil painter it was pretty cool.  My face and my painting graced many magazine racks in the metro area during September.  I also had a load of fun with it.  If you'd like to see my antics, pop over to my facebook page and watch the video. 

Back to Back to Back?


I'm so honored to have received Best of show in Indianapolis, 1st Place within 2-d art in Wichita, and 1st Place on Belgravia Ct. in Louisville. 

Talking Brown v. Board at Hyman Brand Hebrew Academy


On our way to Louisville we made a stop at Mr. McClure's 4th grade class to talk about "Per Aspera," a painting I made for the Brown v. Board of Education National Historic Site in Topeka, KS.  These kids were amazing!  They dissected the symbolism with excellence.

In 2011 The Brown v. Board of Education National Historic Site put out a call to artists asking for artists to creating imagery embodying this landmark decision.  I considered it and made "Per Aspera."  I selected the latter half of the Kansas state motto for the title as it seems fitting, "Through difficulty, hardship." With the abolishment of "separate but equal" we see the bonds of the mind being broken, but with such heinous oppression one does not simply become equal and unfettered.  Thus you see the remaining strands about her forehead.  There is brand new opportunity, upward mobility that wasn't otherwise possible and yet, there is tremendous generational cost and setback.  While we celebrate the justice of the decision, we mourn the continued effects of systemic racism. 

And then we played kickball.  I've still got it.

Preschool Painters

Ernest IV is now in preschool.  It has been really fun watching him become more social and seeing him engage new challenges.  As the resident artist Dad, Ernest shared his daddy with the class and we made some apple trees! (It was "A" day after all, and we were making applesauce).


You might think I would have taken a picture with my son, but instead took a picture with someone else's child (she followed directions well).  His painting is pictured there though.  Can you guess which one is his?

Congratulations new collectors!


Twelve new originals went home with amazing people!  Thank you!

Offspring Update

Mira is a hugger.  TK our cat, abides by it most of the time. Ernest traveled with us to Louisville and played in the dirt beside my booth all weekend.  It was great and he did very well on such a long journey. 

If you made it to the end of this message you are a true champion.  It was long, but a lot of exciting things have happened this go around.  I'm grateful to my patrons who are the backbone of what I'm creating.  Patrons, thank you.  It just keeps getting better.  If you aren't a patron yet click the "become a patron" link in the navigation bar above.

Thank you, Blessings,

Ernest Vincent Wood III