July 2018

I've been framed!

It was 10:02pm.  I had just set down my nightly read, an old favorite.  Gandalf, Aragorn, et al. had just arrived at Orthanc after the victory at Helm's Deep.  (Have no idea what I'm talking about? go here you can read my update later)  As I was drifting off to sleep my phone buzzed.  "Do I check that message?  Nah, just go to sleep.  But what if it's important? You can tell them you were already asleep.  Answer it in the morning." Seconds passed.  Notification checking anxiety took hold. I picked up the phone to find a message from Nigel. It read, "Madness." and had a picture attached to it.


And there it was.  The vessel to house my newest diptych.  (It's coming, stay tuned exclusively on patreon!) I rarely get as excited as I did in this moment and rarely am I dumbfounded by such excellence.  It's a work of art even in its unfinished state.  Nigel from Batican Frames outdid himself. I can't wait to marry the image with the frame. (frame is not a good enough word here...)

The Patreon difference and Batican Frames

Why have I chosen to join Patreon and why have I asked you to become a patron? This is why. When I have your backing, I do things I would never attempt otherwise and I'm so grateful for you. Thank you to you who are patrons. This is for you. This is the difference you are making:


"Hope," when framed with the care and artistry with which the painting was made, soars and sings entirely.   "Hope" is a good painting, one of my best, but it becomes a new and stunning painting when framed thus.  

"Hope" was so stunning that...

It won 2nd place at the Mark Arts National Oil Painting Exhibition!  Juror Daniel Keys, a painter I deeply admire, said some very nice things and I am grateful to have taken part in his demonstration.  I learned a great deal watching a master at his craft.  My big take-away was to make softer edges in areas with similar values and harder edges on areas with contrasting values.  Take a look at his floral!


I was privileged to get a few moments with him to talk about painting as a career and ask for some insights. He was kind and very obliging.



It was a great evening!  Devin, the model for Hope came to the opening and I was greeted by so many of you!  The event closed the week in a wonderful gratitude filled experience.


At the Exhibition Opening... with kids


I had the privilege of holding little Mira as the exhibition got underway.  Ernest IV thinks any and every stretch of floor is a field to be harvested or baled. Even a swanky event like an art opening is no different.  I'm happy to report he wasn't trodden upon.  

Next show

Denver! I'm coming your way this weekend. I'll be in Cheesman Park with some beautiful new works. I hope to see you there.  See the newest work on Patreon

Take Care, many blessings

Ernest Vincent Wood III