June 2018

Hot as Blazes

102 Degrees Fahrenheit (feels like 108) my phone read, the corners of my eyes stinging from sweat.  "I'm in Kansas," I thought glumly, "Where is the wind?" The curse of most Kansas days would have been a godsend."  I took another long draft of life-giving water from the insulated jug which I knew to contain a miniature iceberg bobbing carelessly in the cool darkness.   All visions of floating on an iceberg in the North Atlantic under the stars vanished when a drum and fife corps sprang to life in the vicinity.  As the seconds ticked by the march grew louder when they came into view.  The volume intensified as they made to pass my booth but instead of passing they stopped abruptly and turned to face me....

I was being presented with a merit award!  Hip Hip Hooray!  The heat become bearable almost immediately.  Funny that.   The judges at the Smoky Hill River Festival in Salina, KS deemed my painting award-worthy.  It was a generous amount to boot.  Thank you!  Check back for a picture, I think it's on the way.   ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Still Healing


Thank you to you all for the kind responses and prayers for our family.  Fresh grief and the reality of loss come and go as something is stirred.  I suppose it lessens with intensity and frequency as time goes by.  The hot days I just discussed came and prepared the fields for harvest.  This year we were all be a little more heavy-hearted.  That being said...


Ernest IV was more ready than ever for combine harvesters, tractors, and semi trucks.  He's been playing wheat harvest for the last year and for a week he was able to live out his dreams of hulking machinery, meals in the field, and trips to the granaries. I'm sure he was sorely disappointed that we didn't get stuck in the mud.  Mira could care less about harvest.  

"Hope" an Instant Favorite

Wood_Hope - web.jpg

The painting received it's first display to the public in Salina, KS.  More than a few people were disappointed it wasn't available for sale yet.  The good news is it will be taking part in the Oil Painting National Exhibition at Mark Arts in Wichita, KS.  You won't want to miss the July 20th opening of the show.  If you can't wait until then, it's premiering at the grand opening of Mud Haus this Friday at 5pm.  It's an amazing new show room for 2DOGS Concrete located at 922 E Douglas in Wichita.  You'll be dumbstruck by what these guys can do with concrete.  Also, I'm more than pleased to be showing there alongside Craig Campbell who is a masterful realist sculptor in Wichita.  See his amazing work here. 

Thank you to my patrons who are making amazing things happen each month. I'm dedicating the custom frame being built for "Hope" to you all.  It's going to make the piece an absolute stunner because of your pledges.  If you haven't yet made a pledge, simply go here to pledge and watch what gets made when I have your backing.  You have a unique opportunity to let these paintings soar. 

Many Blessings,

Ernest Vincent Wood III