December 2018

Merry Christmas!

I want to start off by sharing my new commission piece with you:  "The Agony in the Garden."

If you want to follow along with the narrative you can read it here.  This story has always been meaningful to me.  I have a tendency of thinking too much of Christ's deity, thus forgetting his humanness. Here's a moment when he asks for any other way than the one before him.  I can relate. 

This was commissioned by a collector from Houston.  It was years in the making!  We talked about it, planned it for the following year, and did monthly payments for a year.  If you've ever thought you can't own an original, we can work it out. I want you to own the piece you love!  (Or ask me to make it!)

So What's New?  

Commissions, largely.  Except for this!  (That's a lot of lights)


Apprentice Creative is shooting and producing an oil painting tutorial a month in 2019!  If you've ever wanted to watch a painting unfold (with a bit of teaching) it's happening this year at Mud Haus!  

This is yet another project made possible by my patrons.  If it wasn't for you, I couldn't have made this happen.  Thank you!  Your investment grows and grows in ways you can't imagine.  With Patreon, I wanted to extend my reach, and we are doing it. 

Here's how it's going to look:  A brief time-lapse video will be posted on YouTube available to the entire internet!  The full version with downloadable assets (pictures, notes) will be available to patrons at $8 and higher.  I've just added the "Dabbler" reward tier that describes this.

The paintings made in the videos will be available for purchase!  Just think, you could watch the creation video of the painting you own!

The Christmas Gang

It wouldn't be Christmas without terrifying your children by placing them on a stranger's lap.  Somehow, Ernest IV has no fear.  Mascots, full costumes, and jolly, bearded men do not frighten him.  Mira on the other hand began crying when we came within the 6ft. radius of Santa.  (That's my girl.)

Mira is now walking, has a vocab of about 20 words, and is super cute.  Never having been overly-sentimental I can attest that it's true, daughters have their fathers wrapped around their pinky.  (more hugs please)

Ernest IV is learning how to socialize at preschool.  With socialization comes communicable diseases.  (Hello sinus and ear infection! Our entire house is under quarantine!)

"Hope" does it again

I'm delighted to announce that "Hope" made it into an article in Fine Art Connoisseur entitled, "Go Figure."  It featured many figurative painters that I greatly admire, so imagine my delight to "hang" alongside them. (Yes, Wichita, KS still has a Barnes & Noble. Yes, they still exist).

Many blessings to you this season, see you in 2019!

Ernest Vincent Wood III