May 2019

Four shows, six weeks.  Finished for a bit!

Paintings going home.

Congratulations to the new collectors!  Here are a few pieces that are now adorning walls in their new home. This is the best part of creating art.  I love being a part of your connection with beautiful art



One of the most highly recognized organizations in contemporary realism has released their long list of finalists for the 2019 salon.  The two paintings I entered have made it!  

I want to say thank you to my monthly patrons because entering these competitions isn't cheap (nearly $200 in application fees for two pieces!)  Your patronage helps me do so with confidence!  So thank you again!  Here are the paintings that will hopefully win awards come July 1st.


I’ll let you know how it goes!

In Rembrance

In honor of Anna's (my wife) father who tragically passed on May 12, 2018 a tree was planted.  It's a lilac!  It was Bob's favorite.  May it be as bright and beautiful as the life of the man for whom it was planted!


Offspring Report:  Art Imitates life that imitates art... And kitties.

When you have a modern day interpretation of the Conversion of Saul in oils hanging in your dining room this is the sort of reenactment you find in the backyard with a Dory car. 

EVWIIIPaintings_The Conversion of Paul.jpg

And wee little Mira, lover of kitties.  "Oomm, oomm"  Let me translate:  Comb.  The day isn't complete without combing the cat.  He's very good with that.


Much more on YouTube!

Special offer and an invitation.

Mark your calendar.  My new painting, "More Than Material" will be on display at the end of the month May 31st 6pm-9pm in Wichita, KS at my gallery, Mud Haus. 922 E. Douglas, Wichita, KS 67202.

I'm also offering a limited edition of prints only available to patrons on Patreon.  To receive a 9" x 12" print of this painting, you must be a patron by May 31st.  This painting will never be reproduced again.   If you've been considering becoming a patron, the time is now. 


Many Blessings,

Ernest Vincent Wood III