July 2019

It was her birthday.  The gift box dwarfed her lap as she slowly unwrapped the present.  With piles of paper around, she lifted the lid of the containing box.  Inside the box were carefully folded cloths.  Was there something inside?  She made her way through the cloth.  Underneath there appeared to be something framed.  Behind one last barrier of opaque wax paper lay her present.  She tore it open and began to cry and asked, "Did Vincent do it?"

Commissions are so much fun, especially when I get the opportunity to work with beautiful ideas and create unique surprises.  Here's how it started with some collectors of my work: 

"I would like to hire you to paint my wife’s late-dad's hand, signing 'I Love You'. It was a very special exchange that they did for each other for years, and now that he’s gone, I’d like to memorialize that in your art. We love your hand paintings and would not want anyone else to take this on."

We gathered some source materials and got started.  It ended in a beautiful moment that made me weep.  I was even given a video so I could share in the joy.  I'm so grateful!


Heading West

We depart for shows this week.  It'll be a 12 day trip!  Saturday and Sunday I'll be exhibiting in Denver at Cheesman Park.  Here's the details. 

After that, it's onto Park City, UT the following weekend.  It's my first ever show west of Colorado!  I'm really looking forward to it.  Here's the details. 

I've completed a couple of new works that will go with us, you can see them all at evwiii.com.

New Videos Incoming!


With the video know-how of Apprentice Creative, we've just shot the next couple months of video content.  If you haven't yet taken a look at my YouTube channel EVWIII Fine Art, head there now, subscribe, and learn everything you'd like to know about painting.   You won't want to miss the next video to be released.  It's solely focused on the basics of oil painting!  

This has only been possible because of my patrons.  (Thank you patrons!)  If you haven't yet made a pledge.  Join a reward tier at patreon.com/evwiii to make a huge difference in my art making.

Swimming Lessons

With the Summer upon us and the desire to provide the kids with the tools to save themselves in the event of a fall into water, we met with our neighbor who teaches ISR (Infant Swimming Resource).  It is truly amazing and I have to recommend it to everyone.  Mira, at 22 months old, with no understanding of deep water, learned how to fall in, turn over and float.  They even practice with clothes on.  Totally remarkable. 

Here's day two (up please! all done!) vs. the day before graduation (swim, yay!):


She's completely comfortable and confident in the water.  Ernest's story was exactly the same.  They are constantly asking to go swimming now.  

Thank you

Thanks for reading.  I understand we are all busy and I am grateful you would read this. 


Ernest Vincent Wood III