Problem Solving

Greetings lovers of art,

When you connect with my paintings or even me, there is a particular itch you're hoping to scratch.  From the many conversations we've had, there's been three common threads.  You might fall into one category or them all.

  1. How can I become the artist I'm meant to be?

  2. How can I live an inspired life and surround myself with art that inspires me and others?

  3. How can I impact the arts for the good, the beautiful?

How can I become the artist I’m meant to be?

2019EVWIII - Dismantling Idealism Eye web.jpg

Bevin asked me for my opinion:

  • Do you think it’s better to hone in on one’s strengths or should they have a wide range of skills?

Jason emailed me earlier this week asking,

  • Have you ever had a major battle with your art in order for you to get where you are now?

These and more hit my inbox quite often. You want to know what it takes to achieve your goals in art-making.  Sometimes that is a technical question and other times, it's about the grit and mental endurance it takes to be a professional artist.

Here's two ways you can start the journey of becoming the artist you desire:

  1. Subscribe to my EVWIII Fine Art YouTube channel.  You can go there and get technical tips, encouragement and more. 

  2. Pledge and gain exclusive access on my Patreon site.  You can gain access to full length in-depth tutorials to help you master the hardest parts of painting.  You can even sign up for monthly critiques of your work to further your artistic goals.

How can I live an inspired life and surround myself with art that inspires me and others?

You want to be surrounded by beautiful things that inspire you.  And let's be honest, you also want to adorn your home and work with imagery that takes the breath away from every single person who walks in.  Here's some examples of some individuals who've made their spaces unique with my paintings: 

"Dear Ernest, it was a pleasure to meet you today. Our family fell in love with Wedding Cake, and it has a new home in our entryway. We have a small but lovely home in Denver, full of beautiful art, and we are so happy to have one of your pieces. Blessings on you and your excellent work."

Sherry K.
"I am really thankful I discovered you and your work during the latest show in Houston. I enjoyed meeting you, your wife and son. I also purchased Rebuild. My wife loves it."

Andy H.

There's two immediate ways you can create an inspiring environment. 

  1. Make the move and add my paintings to your collection. 

  2. If paintings are out of the budget, consider a print to your collection.

How can I impact the arts for the good, the beautiful?

This one is very dear to me.  In fact, I think of little else myself.  It's hard to hear the common headline, "Arts Funding Cut."  You feel helpless, that it's something out of your power. If you find yourself here and this defines your reason for connecting with my art (because you want to see more art like Hope) you can make it happen.

Hope - Batican small res.jpg

The way you can see the arts thrive and watch the good and the beautiful ripple through culture is by becoming an ongoing patron through Patreon.  Patreon allows me to flourish as an artist and focus on art-making for the sake of the beautiful.  Within 10 years I hope to found an atelier where students learn to draw and paint with the end goal of creating a lasting legacy in the arts.  I'll never do it alone however.  

Many Blessings,

Ernest Vincent Wood III